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To All My {LOVers} What a {Magical} Fantastical Year it’s been!!! In {2014} May we all continue to be Young {Wild} and {Free}! Lets continue to {Live} in the {Moment}…to walk {Barefoot} through the grass and {Laugh} uncontrollably…Let’s {Inspire} one another {Cuddle} one another, and be {Mildly} inappropriate with one another!!! Let’s {Travel} the {World} with no real destination!!! Lets {Cultivate} our {Authentic} selfs and be Crazy {Colorful} beings of {Energy}!! Let’s come together and {Brighten} the {New Year} with our {Universal} Lights!!!! Ps @shopbohogal {Jewelry} is giving me {Life} #LOveYouAlways #2014TheVoyageBegins #GlobalJewels #India #Empress #QueenOfMyTemple

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